EpicService Nomination

Living in our town and working in our industry has its share of incredible moments. From hitting that perfectly manicured jump on your mountain bike, to that epic powder day with free refills every run--- these moments keep you smiling for weeks to come. But it's not just these types of moments that can make your day. Interacting with your fellow co-workers can have a huge impact on your experience as well. Here, we call it The Breck Effect. 

At Vail Resorts, our mission is to provide an Experience of a Lifetime. That applies to our guests and to you and me. 

We have an exciting employee recognition program to help capture these life-impacting experiences. EpicService is how we seek opportunities to create memorable moments and emotional connections with our guests and each other. By providing Happy, Excited, Relaxed and Safe experiences, we can create memories our guests and our team members will treasure for a lifetime. These moments range from a simple high-five to make a guest or co-worker smile, all the way to life-changing interactions that far exceed basic job expectations.

Have you witnessed The Breck Effect?  We want to hear your stories, and now we have an easy way to nominate these individuals.

  1. Visit Direct connect – Learn More & Get Help and log in (first-timers use default password P$wdmmddyy (mmddyy=your birthday)
  2. In the “What’s on your Mind?” box, type "EpicService"
  3. Select "Nominate EpicService Award" article
  4. Click "Nominate them here."
    1. You will need to type in the Employee’s Name
    2. Select your Resort from a list
    3. You will need to tell the story of why you are nominating them
    4. Add any attachments if necessary
    5. Click Submit