Housing Help

Summit County (and surrounding area) Housing Options and Helpful Information


Affordable housing can be hard to find in Summit County and surrounding areas, but it is not impossible. Summit County is a safe and friendly area with plenty of restaurants, shops, and an abundance of outdoor activities.

You will need to have a budget in mind before you start your housing search. To find housing, you will need to be searching on a daily basis – housing is posted quickly and is claimed faster than you think! We are unable to visit and/or make housing arrangements for you. However, feel free to reach out if you have general questions.

Living in Breckenridge is the best option for most Breckenridge employees. There are also several nearby areas that can be more affordable, if you have reliable transportation or the time to take public transportation.

 Frisco – Frisco to Breckenridge 10 miles, Frisco to Keystone 10 miles
 Silverthorne – Silverthorne to Breckenridge 14 miles, Silverthorne to Keystone 5 miles
 Dillon – Dillon to Breckenridge 15 miles, Dillon to Keystone 4 miles
 Leadville – Leadville to Breckenridge 41 miles, Leadville to Keystone 43 miles
 Montezuma – Montezuma to Breckenridge 20 miles, Montezuma to Keystone 10 miles
 Blue River – Blue River to Breckenridge 5 miles, Blue River to Keystone 20 miles
 Alma – Alma to Breckenridge 17 miles, Alma to Keystone 32 miles

In previous years, 1 bedroom apartment process have been around $1200/month. Be prepared to pay first and last months’ rent, as well as a security deposit. In most cases, the security deposit in the same as the monthly rental fee. (For example to secure a 1 bedroom apartment, you can expect to pay $3600 upon signing). Expect to sign a lease and ensure that you carefully review the lease before signing it. Some landlords include utilities in their monthly rental fees and others will expect you to pay for utilities separately. Many landlords offer seasonal leases, as well as year round leases. Finding roommates or renting a room an apartment, condo, or house can help lower your cost of living.



www.mountainmanagers.com (Long Term Rentals)


-Long Term Rentals
--Available Long Term Units


 Town of Breckenridge

Facebook Groups
 Summit County One Man’s Junk
 Summit/Park County Housing Needed/For Rent
 Summit County Housing Connection
 High Rockies Housing
 Leadville Colorado Classified Ads
 Leadville, CO – swap n’ sell
 Fairplay Mobile Home Community

Get to know each other.
You're going to be spending a lot of time with your roommate and he or she is your first opportunity to make a new friend here. Take the time to ask and answer questions – about family, hobbies, interests,
etc. Who is this person? Some questions you can ask:
 The kinds of experiences I want to have this season are…
 The kinds of food I like to eat are…
 The things I do for fun are…
 What I like to do for exercise is…
 Why I came to Colorado is….
 My professional interest is (or may be)…

Open & honest communication is key in building a positive and successful relationship. Take some time and talk to each other and let your roommate know what is important to you. Talk about how you would like for the two of you to communicate with each other and how you talk to others when there is
a problem or conflict. Living together can be stressful and knowing how the other person operates means that you can resolve conflicts before they grow too large.
Healthy relationships take work. Some issues you may wish to discuss include:
 The way I feel about loaning things is…
 The way I would like to decorate our home is…
 If something I do upsets you, you would…
 When I am unhappy or mad, I…

Be open and friendly.
Remember that both of you may be anxious and concerned about living with a person. Your roommate may be experiencing the same issues and concerns that you are and may be under the same pressures. Talk to each other about what is important to you and things that may affect your relationship as roommates.
 The way I feel about dating is…
 How I feel about visitors is…

Define "neat."
Whether you're a neat freak or a slob, you have someone else's feelings to consider. With a little give and take, you can each adjust accordingly and make your environment comfortable. You need to make sure that you both (1) agree to how you are going to keep the apartment, and (2) what you are going to do if one of you is not living up to your agreement.

Discuss visitation and alcohol.
Talk about when it's okay and when it's not okay to have visitors in the apartment. Also discuss how often you both plan to have people over. Do you want your apartment to be a social center or a refuge from the crowds? How about alcohol and when is it alright to have people over for drinks? Do you think
you might have overnight guests? What are the rules for them?
 I would like to avoid having guests over at these times…
 If I feel that a visitor(s) overstays his/her welcome, we would handle it by…
 My feelings about drinking are…
 If I feel uncomfortable with a visitor(s) alcohol use, we would handle it by…

Find an activity you can share.
There's nothing like having something in common to care and talk about. Do you both plan to go to ski or ride? Maybe you can be workout partners. Perhaps you both enjoy a particular type of film, music, art, or hobby? While you will not be spending all your time with your roommate, it doesn't mean you can't do some things together.

Are you okay with sharing?
Just because you are sharing an apartment, doesn't mean you may want to share other things even if you suddenly have twice the wardrobe. Talk about what you want to share and what you want of your own. Can you share a TV? Refrigerator? What about clothes, appliances, food, etc.? Setting these boundaries early can avoid later conflicts. Sharing a computer?
Sharing the television
Sharing the music?
Sharing the game system (Xbox, PlayStation, etc.)

Pet peeves & personal habits.
What is a big pet peeve for you? What is something that really bothers you? How do you deal with conflict? Do you yell, get quiet, or nurse a grudge? You have the chance to talk in advance before you establish a relationship with this person – USE IT!
 The way I feel about loaning things is…
 The way I react when I am stressed out is…

For Confidential Support, Information and Resources CompPsych Resources:
Call Any Time – (877) 327 2289 or TDD – (800) 697 0353
Online – guidanceresources.com Company ID – VailEAP

If something happens and your housing situation falls through, there are several things that you can do to get back on your feet.
 Talk with your manager or supervisor.
 Check into a hotel or motel or hostel.
 Look for an AirBnB or VRBO.
 Reach out to Summit Hospitality.

Summit Hospitality
What: A program offering emergency housing help to people new to Summit County, who have secured seasonal work.

Rationale: In recent years, a number of people who have jobs in our towns, arrive before they are able to begin earning money and are caught without the means to secure housing. In some cases, they do not have the money for a security deposit or first month’s rent, in other cases, through misunderstanding, they are not able to access housing provided ski company employees. Additionally, there is sometimes need among these employees in the spring, when there is a lot of transition in the work force.

Sponsorship: St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church in Breckenridge is partnering with the Family and Intercultural Resource Center and Fr. Dyer United Methodist Church to provide funds for short-term housing needs and a process to help those in need of this service.

Process: From 9AM-4:30 PM, Monday through Friday, individuals needing emergency short-term housing help should contact Rob Murphy at the Family and Intercultural Resource Center (FIRC 262-3888) and go to their office in Dillon (330 Fiedler Ave.) to be interviewed by an intake worker. That worker will then contact a person from the Summit Hospitality Committee, to give permission to offer two to five nights lodging help or financial assistance with rent and/or
deposits through this program.

On weekends (Friday night through Sunday night), the guest should contact an on-call member of the Summit Hospitality Committee (970-485-3297) , who also will authorize up to three nights of housing in one of the partner motels. On Monday, the guests must present themselves to the FIRC office to complete the paper work and discuss their future needs. Where possible arrangements will be made for the guest to repay the grant.

Referrals: Those referring can tell those needing assistance with temporary housing to contact the Family and Intercultural Resource Center: 262-3888. On Weekends, they can contact the Committee Member on-call (970-485-3297).
Contact Persons: For information, contact Rob Murphy, FIRC 262-3888; the Rev. Christy Shain-Hendricks, St. John the Baptist Episcopal Church, 453-4264; or the Rev. Tracy Hausman, Fr. Dyer United Methodist Church, 453-2250.

If you bring a car to Summit County, be prepared for swinging gas prices. Gas prices in resort town can cost $.10-.50 more than a gas station located in a less tourist driven economy. There are several options for gas stations and groceries. If you are looking for fuel discounts, check out City Market’s rewards program. The points you earn purchasing groceries can earn you a discount at the City Market gas station and any Shell station.

There are several options for groceries in the Summit County area. These include:
 City Market (Breckenridge & Silverthorne)
 Whole Foods (Frisco)
 Walmart (Frisco)
 Natural Grocers (Frisco)
 Safeway (Frisco)