OnBoarding Info for EpiConnect

Are you a manager with questions about the OnBoarding process? Follow the steps below to find helpful resources:

1.Navigate to Direct Connect and select Learn More & Get Help

2.Search “onboarding” to find:

    a. Onboarding Process Guide- A step-by-step guide for managers on what they need to do in ensure the onboarding process goes as smoothly as possible for both themselves and their new employee. See below to learn what the PeopleConnect role is in the onboarding process.

    b. Onboarding FAQs- Because we've all got questions!

    c. Resort-specific check-in hours

3.      To get help if you cannot find the information you need in the articles above, navigate to Services and select Ask a Question

4.      On the form select Onboarding as the question type

5.      People Connect will then reach out to you to support your onboarding process

 People Connect's Role: 

1.      Will move candidate from Post Offer Review to Hired in Success Factors

2.      Will initiate onboarding in Success Factors

3.      Will complete all Post Hire Verification steps for the new employee, including sending New Hire Wizard

4.      Will answer your questions about the onboarding process