Thank you for your continued efforts and dedication to providing exceptional service to our guests throughout the 2017-2018 winter season. As we approach the final weeks of the season, let’s continue the momentum and keep our efforts going all the way through our resorts' closing days in April.
As many of you are aware, April 1, which this year also happens to be Easter, has been associated with an unfortunate history of events occurring at some of our Colorado resorts. While initially this may have been a day to have fun in the spirit of April Fools’ Day, some of these activities have caused significant negative impacts to our guests, employees and the reputation of our resorts. We have seen progress in regards to behavior on this day and we are once again asking for your support in protecting the guest experience and ensuring this unfortunate tradition does not continue. With that said, please note that:

  • In the spirit of cooperation with the team at Arapahoe Basin, we are restricting all Vail Resorts employee, dependent and volunteer passes at A-Basin on Sunday, April 1. This is an action we are taking again this year to help them manage behavior at their resort. The same restrictions apply for A-Basin employees, dependents and volunteers at our resorts.
  • We need your help on Sunday, April 1 to ensure that we offer guests the same high level of service and quality of experience that we offer every day of the season.
  • Any Vail Resorts employee, on or off duty, found participating in inappropriate conduct will be subject to immediate disciplinary action.
  • Please don’t hesitate to contact your resort Ski Patrol or Security teams if you need support in handling any incidents in your work area, or need to report any unacceptable conduct.

Law enforcement and security will be present at some of our resorts on April 1 and there will be zero tolerance for illegal and disrespectful behavior.