By now you’ve heard that Vail Resorts and Hinge Health are continuing to partner in 2018 to help you beat chronic knee or back pain. Last year, over 400 employees and family members participated in their programs and cut their pain by 60%, on average.

We also want to share your colleague Katherine’s story with you. She struggled with back pain since her 20s before beginning the Hinge Health program. We’ll let her take it from here:

"I used to do a lot of hiking, backpacking, things like that with friends and then all of a sudden, because I was in a lot of pain, it became prohibitive for me. So instead, I’d go on day trips on my own because I didn’t want to hold people up and I couldn’t carry a heavy pack. Now, I’m much more social, I have more flexibility, I can stand and walk for longer periods of time. I have much more strength and less pain."

So if your chronic back or knee pain is standing between you and the activities you love, we encourage you to apply for Hinge Health’s programs today. Participation is confidential and 100% free to you and your family members on a Vail Resorts medical plan. You receive all the care you need online via a free tablet, wearable sensors, and coach. And it only takes 45 minutes per week, so it fits into even the busiest schedule.

Apply Today

And if you know a colleague or family member who could benefit from our programs, click here to let them know. The deadline to apply is February 16 and don’t hesitate to reach out to hello@hingehealth.com with any questions.