What Is Project Zero?

Project Zero is our Company’s ambitious plan to pursue comprehensive sustainability commitments by 2030. That includes:

  • Zero net emissions 
  • Zero waste to landfills
  • Zero net operating impact to forests and habitat
  • Let’s Take A Closer Look.

    Over the coming months we’ll more fully define the different components of Project Zero, but here’s a brief overview of our bold commitment to the environment: 

     Zero Net Emissions By 2030

    • Reducing the Company’s electricity and natural gas use by another 15 percent – in addition to the 19 percent already achieved since 2008 – by improving operating practices and investing $25 million in innovative, energy-saving projects, such as low-energy snowmaking equipment, more efficient grooming practices and equipment, and green building design.
    • Purchasing 100 percent renewable energy equivalent to our total electrical energy use and working with utilities and local, regional and national governments to bring more renewable energy to the grids where we operate.
    • Investing in programs such as tree planting to offset the emissions from the use of other forms of energy like natural gas and diesel fuel.
    1. Zero Waste To Landfills By 2030
    • Eliminating waste from our operations by first taking a detailed audit of what we use, how we use it and where it goes when we’re done. Then taking a hard look at every item that comes through our resorts – from food to furniture to trail maps – to find efficiencies and reduce what becomes waste. 
    • Improving our diversion of materials that have in the past gone to a landfill – from reuse to more effective recycling and composting programs, including food waste.
    • Increasing awareness and engagement with employees and guests through better messaging and signage, bins, labeling and ongoing training.
    1. Zero Net Operating Impact To Forests And Wildlife Habitat 
    • Minimizing the impact of future resort development by planting or restoring an acre of forest for every acre of forest displaced by our operations. We’ll do this in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service, nonprofit organizations like the National Forest Foundation and local agencies.
    • Expanding our existing commitments to partner with and fund local organizations focused on the health of forests, habitat and wildlife. 

    So, What Does Project Zero Mean For you?

    I hope you are as proud as I am to work for a Company that is taking corporate environmental stewardship to a new level. There is no other mountain resort company on the planet that comes close to matching our commitment to the environment – we’re setting a new benchmark for the industry. 


    Leading The Way.

    As a result of this commitment, Vail Resorts was accepted as the first travel and tourism company in the world into RE100, a collaborative initiative uniting 102 global, influential businesses committed to 100 percent renewable electricity. The initiative includes global sustainability leaders such as Apple, Ikea, Google, Facebook, Nike and Starbucks – companies that are collectively working to increase the demand for and delivery of renewable energy.

     31,000 Strong. 

    In the coming months, we’ll introduce a variety of Project Zero programs that, working together, will get us to a zero footprint by 2030. To achieve this goal, we need the passionate involvement of our employees, guests and communities to collectively be all-in. We’ll provide the tools, resources and game plan to achieve our goal and we’ll need you to help with innovative ideas that push us toward zero.  

     You’ll be hearing more about Project Zero in the coming months and will have many opportunities to participate. In the meantime, go here if you want to know more about Project Zero. We look forward to seeing the collective impact 31,000 Vail Resorts employees can make for a more sustainable planet.