Announcement: Breck Employee Uniform Return

With the announcement yesterday (3/14) from Rob Katz stating “For those who do not permanently live in our resort community, we recommend that you use the next week to help transition and plan to return home, as we cannot guarantee what our needs will be going forward.”, we are setting up uniform return stations to assist you with dropping off your uniform if you are one of those that wish to return home.


Any employees who are leaving the county have the following options for uniform return while we are closed this week:


·         Leave it in your locker

·         Leave it in your employee housing unit

·         Drop off bin outside the Breckenridge Employee Center

·         Drop off bin inside the Breckenridge Terrace office


It is critical that all uniforms are returned.  Please utilize these resources during this week.


For additional COVID-19 details, click here.