Please join us in congratulating Michael (Mike) Stuhlmuller in his new role as the Breckenridge Hospitality Sous Chef. Chef Mike comes from Long Island, New York and has been interested and involved with the Food Service industry since his teenage years. With over 16 years of experience he worked in various roles such as: Steward, Cook, Sous Chef and Executive Chef. While he has not traveled abroad he was fortunate enough to live in New York where there was a very diverse population and lots of opportunity to taste foods from many different places and gave him access to all the different markets in New York, this allowed him to develop his pallet and his knife, which allowed him to be creative with food as his medium thus beginning a long term affair with food.


Chef Mike worked in all different sizes of restaurant as well as working for larger wedding/catering organizations.  He also has always enjoyed working with customers with special dietary needs and customizing dishes to meet those needs.  


As far as hobbies goes, he will tell you that cooking is both his vocation and his hobby. Chef Mike enjoys reading cook books and looking into new and innovative ways of preparing food. On his day off it’s not unusual for him to spend hours in the kitchen cooking. Chef Mike never skied before but is hoping to remedy that soon.


Please give a warm welcome to our newest Sous Chef!  Congratulations Chef Michael, I am really looking forward to working with you in this new role!