Congrats to Patrick Foulon, Breck’s 16-17 EpicService Winner for the Hospitality division


Patrick's nomination will be forwarded to corporate where they will decide which one person in all of Hospitality will be chosen as the Inside Edge/Epic Service winner. 

His Story:

I asked Patrick to detail the account of how he helped one of our owners, Mr. Garza:

Mr. Richard Garza, a new homeowner to the Village, called my desk in early December to talk about his upcoming trip to Breckenridge. He shared that he was coming up with his Wife for Christmas, and that a couple days after that they would be celebrating their wedding anniversary with us.

Recognizing an opportunity to help make a new homeowner feel special and taken care of, I offered to set him up with Christmas Eve dinner reservations, along with something special for their anniversary – I told him to leave everything to me. I was able to find them a great reservation for dinner, and arranged a romantic evening sleigh ride & dinner through the Peak 9 Stables for their anniversary.

I could sense through their hugs upon their departure that I achieved my goal of offering exceptional guest services and creating warm memories for a new Homeowner.

As they were about to leave Mr. Garza mentioned that they would be heading to Vail in two weeks as the leaders of their San Antonio-based ski club group. As they would be handling all of the logistics for the trip, they were trying to minimize tasks and asked about a way to get their skis and bags to Vail so they wouldn’t have to haul them back to Texas, and then back out to Colorado in two weeks. Seeing a final opportunity to elevate their guest experience I offered to personally deliver their skis and bags to their lodgings in Vail, as well as pick them up at the end of their trip and secure them in their owner’s closet.

Understanding that travel logistics are one of the toughest variables for our out-of-state guests, this was a no brainer for me and I was happy to make their lives easier.

As it turns out, Mrs. Garza unfortunately injured herself during their trip to Vail, ending their ski season. I could tell that during the tough time of cutting their trip, and their season, short – Mr. Garza was especially relieved with my gear retrieval offering, and also appreciative that his wife had such a positive experience in the mountains before her injury.